Burn Fat All Day

Some people have perfect metabolism and they exercise little, consume lots of food, and maintain slim waist. We can’t change our genes, but we can follow some advice that can enhance the metabolism and burn more fat.

Lets begin :

*Eat frequently*

Regular meals and 2 snacks per day make the metabolism to work correctly every day. If you starve, you will slow down the metabolism.

*Eat clean*

Eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins.

*Eat 1st thing in the morning*

Not-being active and skipping meals decelerate the metabolism. Eating breakfast reminds the metabolism that we are ready for action.

*Vitamin D*

Increased levels of vitamin D with time spend in the sun.

*Get periodic exercise*

Regular activity keeps the metabolism at max efficiency.

*Make sure the snacks have protein*

Avoid snacks loaded with carbohydrate instead use protein based snacks and the difference will be noticeable.

*Frequent, short workouts*

Short HIIT exercises are great for the metabolism and for the fat burning process.


Calcium intake on a daily basis is very important for the Vitamin D processing.

*Consume food like a European*

Eat big breakfasts, medium-sized lunch and small dinner.

*Cold shower*

Cold shower in the morning is important because it enhance and trigger the metabolism.

*Stay hydrated*

Stay hydrated in order to have proper metabolism.

*Epsom salt bath*

All you need to do s to add 1 cup of Epsom salt in the bath and enjoy.

*Get enough sleep*

7 to 9 hours of sleep during the night is what you need,

Some extra tips:

Thanks for reading …