Water Treatment: Use Cold And Hot Baths To Cure Many Diseases

Scientific development of the treatment of water received in the nineteenth century. At that time it was also popular in the West. A great contributor to the development was given by the ordinary peasant, Vicentius Printz. His student, Australian Doctor, Professor Winterternik, studying the practice and contribution of his teachers, put the water treatment on a firm scientific basis. Winterternik carefully elaborated the philosophy of water treatment and gave a scientific explanation of the phenomena and knowledge that Printz received empirically.

Enriching water treatment with new methods, Cane Priest also allowed the massive use of hydro-path methods worldwide. In 1892, the water treatment methods of V. Kaminski, a famous Russian scientist, who devoted his entire life to the issue of water treatment. In generalizing the experience of his predecessors, he has introduced many novelties in this method of treatment. Kaminsky had a great practice, and many people came to him who wanted to be healed.

Treatment with water is a natural physical factor of influence on the body. It differs from many other means for the sake of availability, worthlessness, and efficiency. With the application of water, many functional disorders can be completely rectified, diseases can be successfully managed and the working ability enabled to deep age. One of the main laws of the treatment of water is the law of reaction, which reads: the greater the objection, the greater the blood flow to the place of irritation. Or, as Avicenna wrote, “bathing in cold water immediately stops the internal heat inherent in the body, so that it can again reach the surface of the body, increased several times. ”

Contrasting treatments are strong irritants.

They chew, train blood vessels, diminish the increased pressure, remove the nervous effort and stress, and improve the function of the skin. That is why, in parallel with the use of air bubbles, contrasting water treatments have entered the Health System.

Plain hot baths cause sweating, can cause loss of moisture, salts and vitamin C in the body, as well as disrupt its acid-alkaline balance. It is, therefore, more convenient to combine cold and hot baths. Such contrasting baths maintain the body in a normal state and help to maintain the acid-alkaline balance.

The length and technique of using the contrast baths depend on the state of health. The contrasts are particularly effective in neuralgia, rheumatism, headache, diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney disease, Addison’s disease, malaria, anemia, circulatory diseases, and fatigue. It should be known that in some diseases, alkalosis, acidosis, colds often result in cramping or general exhaustion, and symptoms may alternately occur. Such phenomena testify to the development of a process of compensation that releases the body from physiologically incompatible phenomena. In that case, contrasting baths help.

Those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases should apply contrasting baths only after air treatments for 2-3 months. Those who have more than 30 years of age or weak people, it is better to start busting their hands or feet with a gradual deeper descent of the hands and feet into the water, first to the elbow and the knees, then to the shoulders and groin. But for a week, you can drop into the water to the neck.

Hot and cold baths should be used interchangeably. The temperature of the hot bath is 42 to 43 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the cold bath is 14 to 15 degrees Celsius.

The method of the bath with the entry into the water to the groin is as follows: first, the whole body should be washed in the usual way, then dry the body well and approach the contrasting baths:

1. Hot bath 1 minute
Cold bath 1 minute

2. Hot bath 1 minute
Cold bath 1 minute

3. Hot bath 1 minute
Cold bath 1 minute

4. Hot bath 1 minute
Cold bath 1 minute

The last bath must be cold. After it, the body should be well wiped and left naked, and the skin should be completely air-dried for 6-30 minutes, depending on the state of health. Weak people need to stay naked short and fat for a long time.

Contrast baths for those suffering from atherosclerosis: In that case. The treatment begins with an alternate change in the temperature of the hot and also cold water. Gradually that difference is increasing, and eventually, it must be about 30 C.

The last bath to be applied daily.

The contrasting baths for healthy people.

They practice at temperatures of 41-43 degrees Celsius for hot baths and 14-15 degrees Celsius for a cool bath. Each bath is extended for one minute, and then the baths are changed. A series of 11 cycles is recommended, and sometimes the treatment reaches 61 cycles!

If there is no possibility to apply a bath, the body can be irrigated with cold water under a faucet, firstly starting from the legs and then gradually lifting the shower (faucet). For the same purpose, a bucket can be used. One “bucket of water for the feet, one for the knees, one for the left shoulder and one for the right shoulder. To repeat three times a total of 3 buckets for each shoulder.